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1.  Şap Aşılarının CpG Motifi İçeren Oligonükleotidlerle Immün Etkisinin Arttırılması,

Ministry of Industry and Trade (SANTEZ Grant)

Start Date: May 2014 (Duration: 24 months)

Budget:  780.000 TL ($ 371.000)

2.  TLR ligand and antigen loaded nanoliposomes as cancer vaccines,


Start Date: Oct. 2013 (Duration: 24 months)

Budget: 290.000 TL ($138.000 )

3.     Development of oligonucleotide based immune adjuvants for FMD vaccine,

Ministry of Industry and Trade (SANTEZ Grant)

Start Date: Jan. 2013 (Duration: 24 months),

Budget: 411.000 TL ($ 228.000)

4.    DNA loaded exosomes and their use in vaccination and anti-cancer therapy.


Start Date: November  2011 (Duration: 24 months),

Budget : 238,450 TL ($ 140.000)

5.    Improving broiler chicken immune resistance by providing protection and reducing losses from stress and bacterial diseases with CpG DNA.,

Ministry of Industry and Trade (SANTEZ Grant)

Start Date: Nov. 2009 (Duration: 24 months),

Budget: 1.068.000 TL ($ 760.000)

6.    Biomedical Applications of DNA Nanoparticles


Start Date: March 2009 (Duration: 30 months),

Budget : 254,900 TL ($ 170.000)

7.    Development of CpG ODN containing liposomal vaccines against pathogens.


Start Date: August 2006 (Duration: 36 months),

Budget : 341.500 TL ($ 228.000 )

8.    Biotherapeutic ODN: Use of CpG oligodeoxynucleotides to improve the immunogenicity of vaccines,

FP6-Marie Curie International Reintegration Grant (MC-IRG-IG)

Start Date: April 2006 (Duration: 24 months),

Budget : 80,000 Euro ($ 120.000)

9.    Controlled antibiotic release from microbial origin polyhydroxyalkanoate implants for the treatment of bone infections. (Period:1995-1997,), Project No: SBAG-1536 (Grant funded by Turkish Science Technology and Research Foundation -TUBITAK, Turkey)

Completed in September 1997.

10.    High yield production of biodegradable microbial polyesters for biomedical applications. (Period:1997-1999,). Project No: FBE-1997-35 (Grant funded by Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences, METU, Ankara, Turkey)

Completed in November 1999

11.    The production and application of microbial polyesters in the construction of biodegradable controlled antibiotic release systems and bone fracture repair rods

Director: Prof. V. Hasirci,

NATO-SFS Project: Tu-Polyesters-CDW25)